Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits are there to use a pest controls service? Is there a possible DIY remedy for my infestation?

In some situations you may be able to care for a problem on your own. Generally speaking consumer grade pest control products that you can pick up from your local hardware store have a lower chemical concentration, making them less effective than a commercial grade spray by a professional company.


It is not recommended to treat a severe or ongoing pest infestation on your own, as without proper treatment and aftercare the problem may return in as little as 30 days.


Call to chat with our licensed pesticide applicator for more information or to obtain a free estimate. 

I found evidence of unwanted pests in my home, what can I do now?

If you are in need of an inspection or service please contact us and our licensed pesticide applicator will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns. 

How did this pest problem occur?

Pest can travel into our spaces in a variety of ways; often entering on our clothing or belongings, but pest can enter our homes through foundational cracking and unscreened windows. In many cases clutter and food remains can contribute greatly to a pests attractions to a home. 

Visit our services page to find our what types of pests we service.

I am pregnant, have children and/or pets. Is the treatment safe for them?

It is recommended children, pregnant women and pets remain out of the home for a minimum of 12 hours after a  spray or fogging pesticide application, this time will vary based on the type of pest and application method. If you have fish tanks and require a spray or fogging application it is highly recommended you cover all tanks and turn the tanks off until the spray treatment has dried completely. 


In the case of a baiting treatment it is not required for you to leave the home. If you have pets it is asked you keep them in the room away from the treatment area for the duration of the baiting process, once baiting is complete it is safe for them to re-enter the area. 

How long will I have to be away from my home after a treatment?

You may not have to leave your home for any period, depending on the application method. 


For infestations requiring baiting, trapping or dusting it is not required for anyone to leave the home. 


For infestations requiring a spray or fogging you are suggested to leave your home for 8 hours or until the chemical has become completely dry on the surfaces which it was applied. 

When are you available to come for a treatment or inspection?

Give us a call to check our availability! A licensed pesticide applicator is generally available to inspect and treat your pest infestation within 1 to 3 business days within the Brooks area. 

Is there a call out/mileage fee for service?

There is call out out fee for inspections and services within Brooks and area. 

Services located more than 20 KM round trip outside of Brooks will be subject to a call out fee of up to $1.00/KM. Please contract out licensed pesticide applicator to discuss fees for services if you live outside of Brooks. 

I'm about to have a treatment how do I prepare?

No need to panic! We’ve got you covered, simply go to our prep instructions page and find the pest your prepping for, each critter has it’s own prep list so you can get the most out of your treatment. 

When can I expect to see results?

In Situations where a spray or fogging treatment has been applied you should notice a difference within the 24 hours.

Bating, dusting and other treatment methods may take up to three days before a difference is noticed. The pests can continue to die for a period of about fourteen days, depending on pest type.


Some infestations will require multiple treatments; a licensed pesticide applicator will be able to give you an outline of the scope of work during an inspection.

How do I clean recently treated areas?

Once you have received a treatment it is important you leave residual spray and bait. The product has been placed to eliminate the pest problem, if removed it is unable to protect your home or business.


After the product has dried it is not harmful to humans or pets.

I just had atreatment, what do I do to prevent further pests?

After your treatments it is strongly encouraged that you keep your home tidy and free of food droppings, crumbs or clutter. We also encourage you to check your home for unsealed access points and cracks.


Be aware of areas you attend that may be breeding grounds for bugs as they will happily hitch a ride home on you.

What are some things I can do to be proactive in my pest management?

Infestations are best dealt with when caught in the early stages. This can often save your furnishings and sanity.


Keep your eyes peeled for future evidence of pests such as blood spots on bedding and clothing, mouse droppings, usual odors and noises as well as unsealed entrances and cracks leading into your home.


Many pests are commonly found in areas with food availability and human traffic.

What payment options do you have available?

We currently accept cash, cheque, e-transfer and credit card (with a 3% additional service fee).

Your service was great how can I l leave a review?

We’d love to hear from you! Click here to visit our review page and leave us your thoughts! 

What training do you have, can I trust you in my home?

All pesticide applicators with Brooks Pest Control are trained and certified under the Pesticide Applicator Certification Program in Alberta.


It is our highest priority to deliver quality service to all of our customers and for this reason all of our staff are bondable. 

Have a question not listed above? Contact us to find out!

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